3D & Live 3D Ultrasound

3D Ultrasound and Live 3D Ultrasound is an advanced imaging technology that lets you and your doctor visually monitor the progress of your unborn baby, with color and clarity. This technology can also be used as a non-invasive alternative to diagnose gynecologic problems, such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, and cancers.

The best time to get intra-uterine pictures of your baby during pregnancy is between 25 and 33 weeks (or 6 ½ months to 8 months). We will provide you with color photos, a CD-ROM of 3D photos of your baby, and a DVD of the entire session. It’s possible to check your baby’s sex, starting at 16 weeks of pregnancy (or 4 months).

Ultrasound technology is also helpful for diagnosing medical problems before, during, or after pregnancy. As your doctor gets to know you and your medical history or conditions, he or she may recommend an ultrasound.

Dr Helliwell is very professional, direct and straight-forward and tells you how it is. There is no sugar coating. I am very pleased with his work and staff. His team is very sweet and fun active! They make you feel at eased and at home! I have had surgery once before with a differ doctor who I regret going to. I would most definitely refer anyone to see this doctor! 2 THUMBS UP!!!
Monique J.