5 Natural Remedies For Morning Sickness

5 Natural Remedies For Morning Sickness

What medications can I take in pregnancy? The list drastically shrinks when you see
that little pink plus. You can have severe nausea before your first OB visit. When
morning sickness strikes, there are some natural ways to settle your stomach. Try
some of these nausea-fighting solutions to help deal with and prevent morning

1. Herbal Tea. Some soothing peppermint or ginger tea can help to calm your
stomach and ease your symptoms. Try adding a slice of lemon, as citrus can help
with nausea as well.

2. Vitamin B-6. Taking 25 mg of B-6 has been shown to significantly reduce nausea.
Start taking it early on in your pregnancy to help fight morning sickness. You can
even take it with OTC Unisom, which is in a common effective anti-nausea
a medication called Diclegis.

3. Snacks. Eating snacks before bed may be able to settle your stomach so you
don’t get sick in the morning. Try nibbling on some crackers right before bed to
prevent vomiting in the morning.

4. Ginger. Taking ginger in any form can help with morning sickness. Whether it’s
a ginger ale or ginger root, it’s one of the best ways to fight your nausea.

5. Stay Hydrated. You should always drink plenty of water, even when you’re not
pregnant but it is especially important for pregnant women. Drinking one glass of
water every hour can help stop your nausea and will keep you and your baby

If your nausea isn’t improved with natural remedies, consider making a follow-up
appointment with your OBGYN, Nausea is normal in pregnancy but doesn’t have to
be completely unbearable.

Schedule an appointment today!

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