23 Reasons To Schedule An Appointment With Your OB/GYN Today!

Know when to call your OB/GYN

We see the online posts and email reminders to visit our gynecologist for a yearly check up if anything ‘unusual’ is happening, or for personal questions we have regarding our health. But what makes a visit necessary?

We wrote some reasons down for women who need help knowing when to call to schedule an appointment.

You shouldn’t hesitate to see your doctor if:

1. You might be pregnant
2. You need to discuss safe sex
3. Your period is extra heavy, unusual or lasts more than a week
4. You’ve been having periods for more than a year and have irregular periods
5. You experience frequent urination
6. You have vaginal itching, redness, sores, swelling, unusual odor or discharge
7. You experience a burning sensation or blood while urinating
8. You feel irregularities, pain, redness, swollen tissue in your breasts.
9. You’ve had non-consensual sex
10. You’re having severe menstrual cramps or any other pelvic pains
11. You’ve missed more than three periods
12. You’re 14 and haven’t noticed any changes from puberty
13. You’ve injured your pelvic area
14. You desire to prevent pregnancy for a time
15. You would like to switch your birth control
16. You desire pre-pregnancy counseling
17. You desire to not be pregnant again/at all
18. You’re 16 and haven’t had a period
19. You believe that you’ve been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease
20. You notice a change in the regularity of your periods

21. You’re worried about FAS and how it can affect your unborn baby

22. Yearly Women’s Wellness exam
23. You are experiencing painful sex

If you would like to discuss any of these points further or have questions regarding them, please call Advanced Women’s Health Center at (661) 410-2942 or visit our website at  AdvancedWomensHealthCenter.com. We accept many types of health insurance and are here to serve you.

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