Can I Have Sex During Pregnancy?

Can I have Sex during pregnancy?

Finding out you’re pregnant for the first time comes with many emotions and many
questions. What will this new stage of life feel like? What can you do to best take care of
your baby? What can you do to alleviate cravings or swollen ankles? And can you have
sex while pregnant? Pregnancy comes with plenty of uncomfortable aspects, such as
feeling tired, having to pee all the time, and figuring out a way to get restful sleep.

Sex During Pregnancy

In short, yes, you can have sex while pregnant. This generally won’t affect your baby’s
development or cause any complications. However, pregnancy itself may play a role in
your desire to have sex and in your level of comfort.

Sex During the Third Trimester

Sex during the third trimester tends to be the most complicated since this is when you’re
at your largest and most sex positions will likely be uncomfortable. This shouldn’t be
seen as a roadblock (unless you really want to skip it. In which case, we won’t tell). But
if you’re feeling up to it, all you need to do is to get creative with a comfortable position.
Are there times to avoid sex in pregnancy?

While sex during pregnancy is relatively safe, there are instances when you should
avoid it altogether. The only way to know if any of these conditions apply to you is to
speak with your OB-GYN. Once confirmed, refrain from having sex if you have:
• A risk of premature labor
• A history of miscarriage
• A sexually transmitted infection
• Abnormal vaginal discharge
• A dilated cervix

Part of being pregnant is a lot of doctors visits; which means pick an OBGYN you feel
comfortable with! Read our patient reviews if you want a recommendation from
someone local, or read about our providers to see who you’ll be a good match with.

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