Pregnant Women With Cardiac Disease Have Higher Mortality Rates

Pregnant Women With Cardiac Disease Have Higher Mortality Rates

According to Cardiology News, pregnant women with cardiac disease had almost a 100-fold higher mortality rate when compared to pregnant women without any cardiac disease. The results come after more than 5,000 pregnancies with women who have cardiac disease were examined internationally.

Women with cardiac disease not only have increased mortality rates, but they are also more prone to heart failure compared to pregnant women without cardiac disease.

Heart Disease Becomes Leading Cause Of Pregnancy-Related Deaths In America

In California most noticeably, maternal mortality rates rose significantly from 2002 to 2006. Experts say the cause for increased mortality rates is due to heart disease. According to stats from the California Department of Public Health, pregnancy deaths continued to climb in the golden state and in the US overall.

California’s maternal mortality rate changed for the better once actions were taken

In 2006, California public health officials noticed the mortality rate had surged. That’s when Dr. Main from Stanford University and the CDPH banded together to address the problem. They first examined the causes of the deaths to see which were most preventable.

Furthermore, Dr. Main and others wanted to find out what needed to be done to cut the number of complications that escalated and resulted in fatalities. And to their credit, California was able to cut its maternal mortality rate dramatically.

California’s unrivaled success in cutting maternal mortality rates is, in large part, credited to CMQCC’s toolkits; these toolkits improve health care responses to causes of preventable death amongst postpartum and pregnant women.

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