Endometriosis Treatment Options

Endometriosis is a condition where the lining of the uterus grows outside of the uterus. The uterus continues functioning as if normal, but builds up and breaks down (bleeding) into the body cavity. The condition can be very painful, and it’s best to remove the excess tissue.

Treatments to relieve endometriosis include both temporary and permanent solutions. Temporary treatments relieve the symptoms for a time, but preserve the endometrial lining for the possibility of pregnancy. Permanent solutions should only be considered when a woman has made the decision to not have or no longer have children. Advanced Women’s Health Center has a choice of minimally invasive procedures to remove the endometrial tissue.

Temporary Relief from Endometriosis

Laparoscopic Surgery, using a tiny camera and three 1 cm incisions on the abdomen, is an effective method of treating endometriosis without interrupting a woman’s ability to become pregnant and bear children. Laparoscopic surgery is also used to remove fibroid tumors (myomectomy). Post-operative pain and recovery time are minimal, with virtually no scarring.

Permanent Relief from Endometriosis

Hydrothermal Ablation

Hydrothermal ablation (HTA) provides long-term relief for women with excessive menstrual bleeding. The gynecologist inserts a thin tube into the vagina to deliver a heated saline solution that flows over the surface of the uterus. The solution ‘dissolves’ the endometriosis.

Benefits of HTA:

  • Quick – takes about 30 minutes in the office
  • Performed under local or general anesthesia
  • Return to normal routines and schedules typically within 48 hours
  • Stops periods completely or only light bleeding

If you experience chronic heavy bleeding, talk with one of our doctors about options. Treating endometriosis restores confidence and lets women enjoy more energy for everyday activities.

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