How Is GARDASIL Given?


According to the CDC, since 2005, at least 50% of sexually active people catch HPV in their lifetime. Many who have HPV do not exhibit signs and symptoms.  

Gardasil is typically given as an intramuscular injection. You or your child over the age of 9 will receive three separate vaccines with the schedule as follows:

First dose: A set date chosen by you and your healthcare provider

Second dose: 2 months after the first dose

Third dose: 3 months after the second dose

It is important to note that the Gardasil vaccine does not serve as a replacement for your annual exams with cervical cancer screenings. While 9 years of age may seem too young to consider the benefits of a vaccine specializing in prevention from a sexually transmitted virus, it is important to consider-even if you do not believe you or your child will become sexually active.

Insurance covers the Gardasil series until you are 26.  If you are on the fence about you or your child receiving the vaccine, consult a physician. You can also schedule an appointment to speak with a physician about any personal concerns you might have. You can also consult our website for additional information.

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