Breast Cancer Detection

HALO Breast Cytological Evaluation Test

HALO is a simple procedure that detects a woman’s risk level for breast cancer up to eight years in advance of a possible diagnosis from a mammogram. Also called a Breast Pap Test, the HALO procedure extracts fluid from the nipple (called aspirate) which is sent to a laboratory for review. The procedure uses a machine with small cups for each nipple to gently massage fluid to the surface.

Best candidates for HALO Breast Risk Assessment

Women who have a mother, sister or daughter with a history of breast cancer are two to three times more likely to develop the disease. The HALO procedure is applicable for non-lactating women age 25 and over as an annual test.

The HALO procedure does not replace a mammogram. However, mammograms are most effective in determining abnormal cells in the breast as women age. Most women do not have a mammogram until age 40. Early indications from a HALO procedure provide advance warning and an opportunity for early diagnosis of breast cancer.

Talk with your Advanced Women’s Healthcare Center doctor about concerns you have regarding breast cancer. Your doctor will help you determine if a HALO Breast Evaluation Test is right for you.

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