Is Early Menopause Linked to Heart Disease?

Is Early Menopause Linked to Heart Disease?

Studies warn that women who experience menopause earlier may be more susceptible to experience a heart attack or stroke before they reach 60 as opposed to women who experience menopause later on.

Compared with women who experienced menopause at age 50 or 51, women who experienced premature menopause, before 40, were 55% more likely to experience a heart attack or stroke after menopause. With early menopause, from age 40 to 44, women had a 30% greater risk of cardiovascular events after menopause; with relatively early menopause, from age 45 to 49, the increased risk was 12%. Only 1.2% of the women in the study had premature menopause before age 40 and 4.7% experienced early menopause from age 40 to 44, researchers report in the Lancet Public Health.

It is vitally important to understand these risks and experience to better equip yourself and remain healthy throughout your life, especially as your body changes.

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How Can I Protect My Heart During Menopause?

The best way to prevent heart disease is by maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight, and not smoking before menopause develops. If you do these things, you’ll be better prepared to experience this important bodily change and milestone.

Study Source: The Lancet Public Health

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