High-Risk Pregnancy

Some pregnancies have complications. But don’t let the term ‘high risk’ scare you. Many times it simply means that certain conditions demand special attention during pregnancy. We’re here for you throughout your pregnancy to answer your questions and assure that you receive the best care possible for you and your baby.

Examples of high-risk pregnancies that need extra attention include:

  • Advanced maternal age (35+)
  • Evidence of twins, triplets, or other multiples
  • History of prior C-section, pre-term birth (before 37 weeks), or low birth weight
  • Family history of genetic conditions or miscarriages
  • Medical history of diabetes, epilepsy, high blood pressure
  • Lifestyle choices such as illegal drugs or alcohol
  • Complications that develop during pregnancy such as issues with the uterus, cervix, placenta, or amniotic fluid

We closely monitor all pregnancies so that we can focus attention as needed for the health of both mother and baby.

Dr Helliwell is very professional, direct and straight-forward and tells you how it is. There is no sugar coating. I am very pleased with his work and staff. His team is very sweet and fun active! They make you feel at eased and at home! I have had surgery once before with a differ doctor who I regret going to. I would most definitely refer anyone to see this doctor! 2 THUMBS UP!!!
Monique J.