“I’m never in the mood anymore. Is my libido lower?” Dr. Kaneen Answers.

FAQ 1: I’m nervous about having to take my clothes off for my visit. What can I do to feel more at ease?

You can have someone accompany you or ask the friendly nurse to stay during the exam. Your doctor asks you some questions and walks you through the process to make you comfortable. Reading up on relevant information or performing breathing exercises before your visit can also ease you up.

FAQ 2: I don’t seem to ever be in the mood anymore. It’s changing my relationship with my partner. Why is my libido lower these days?

Lessened sexual desire may result from various factors like hormonal changes, pregnancy, prescription drugs, or health issues. It may also indicate stress, anxiety, or other emotional problems. If you experience discomfort or pain while having intercourse or cannot achieve an orgasm, it can lower your libido.


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