Medical Weight Loss Programs

Advanced Women’s Health Center offers patients an opportunity to take off and keep off unwanted pounds. Our program combines low-level HCG injections with a low calorie diet. Because of the HCG hormone effect, extra fat creates energy and the rest is eliminated. Appetite naturally decreases because your body has access to the energy it needs in the fat cells. The low calorie diet prevents immediate refilling of emptied fat cells. You get rid of excess fat without affecting your bone and muscle.

Dr Helliwell is very professional, direct and straight-forward and tells you how it is. There is no sugar coating. I am very pleased with his work and staff. His team is very sweet and fun active! They make you feel at eased and at home! I have had surgery once before with a differ doctor who I regret going to. I would most definitely refer anyone to see this doctor! 2 THUMBS UP!!!
Monique J.