Options for Menopause

The body changes as women age, creating new sets of challenges. Having a compassionate and thorough gynecologist is an invaluable resource for navigating important and complex decisions. Knowing the age that your mother went through menopause is helpful in predicting timing and understanding the onset of menopause symptoms. The average age of the onset of menopause is 51.

Options for transitioning through menopause:

Talk with your doctor about your symptoms and issues. We’ll create an individual, personalized plan of care to help you manage the changes.

At the Advanced Women’s Health Center you can rest assured that your doctor will make time to get to know you and your needs.

Dr Heliwell has provided me with quality care through out many years of care. I have always found him to be personable, friendly and compassionate. Under different situations he has offered me current information and knowledge. I count Dr. Heliwell as a friend. I respect his talent and would always consider his opinion.