New Year – Routine Lab Work

Benefits of Routine Lab Work

A new year is full of promise and potential. What could this year bring? The number one most common New Year’s Resolutions are goals focused around weight loss. However, a vast majority of people abandon their resolution as early as February. If you are committed to a healthier year overall, it is important to consider the benefits of routine lab work. While the tests ordered on a lab slip may look like confusing abbreviations at first, your provider is checking key components to your health that may be potential prohibitors to obtaining your health goals. At your next annual exam, look at your lab slip if your provider orders blood work to determine some of the tests and how they benefit your health.

What are some examples of routine lab tests and abbreviations?

Some common labs include CBC (Complete Blood Count), TSH (Thyroid stimulating hormone) Lipid Panel, and vitamin counts, such as Vitamin D. HgA1C, (Hemoglobin A1C)

What are common things that blood work, tests for?

Cardiovascular risk factors, blood sugar levels, liver and kidney function, immune system wellness, and optimal hormone balance are all common lab tests that paint a picture of your overall health.

What do some potential benefits include?

Careful attention to your laboratory findings can help you reduce your risk for disorders such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, liver conditions, anemia, and diabetes. Regular testing also can help you prevent and treat conditions associated with hormone imbalances, including fatigue, memory loss or impairment, bone loss, weight gain, and depressed mood.

Is there a significant cost associated with routine labs?

Routine lab work is often ordered at the time of your annual exam, which is covered by your insurance. There is usually little to no cost regarding preventative care.

With little cost and a lot of information, preventative lab work is beneficial to your well-being. By catching early signs of potential heart problems, your physician is able to guide you through minor changes instead of major ones. This will prevent your health care from becoming a health crisis. Schedule an appointment today for your annual exam, it is likely that you will have a pap smear performed as well as additional testing imaging. You can also start the year off breathing better with allergy testing, a service offered at our office.

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