Mrs. Woodward – A Patient’s Story

This past week I had the chance to meet up with one of Advanced Women’s Heath Center’s veteran patients, Staci Woodward, and get a candid look at her experience with the office. If you have been wondering a bit about AWHC, or even contemplating making them your primary OB/GYN, this article may be a helpful agent in your decision-making process.

Mrs. Woodward and I sat down over a piece of healthy and delicious avocado toast as I proceeded to ask her a few questions.

How long have you been attending Advanced Women’s Heath Center?

I have been going to see Advanced Women’s Heath Center for ten years.”

Who is your doctor?

“Dr. Kaneen is my doctor, but I have actually seen both of them (Dr. Helliwell) for different procedures.”

What procedures have you received?

“I have had three babies with them and have gone to them for continuous care in between. Dr. Helliwell delivered my first son and Dr. Kaneen delivered my next son. I also had a procedure called Essure, and also a year later I had a hysterectomy that was performed by both Dr. Kaneen and Dr. Helliwell together. Now I see Dr. Kaneen yearly, for my annual women’s check ups.

What has your experience been?

“I have loved going to their office. I feel like Dr. Kaneen cares a lot and always listens. She doesn’t rush me. She hears all my concerns and I feel like she tries to help me as much as she can.”

What do you expect from an OB/GYN

“I expect them to care and to try to feel my questions and concerns. Especially when you’re pregnant and you feel like, ‘Is this normal?’ or ‘Whats going on?’ and they’ve always been really quick to respond to that. If I needed an extra ultrasound they did that for me for clarity. In one of my pregnancies I had an unviable sack. So there were two sacks, one that I ended up miscarrying. I was pretty fearful that I ended up miscarrying both, but they quickly helped me determine that it was just the one that was unviable. That was comforting.

Has Advanced Women’s Heath Center met your OB/GYN expectations?

“They have definitely met my expectations. They have both been very kind and good doctors and I have definitely referred many friends to go to them.”

Do any specific memories stick out in your mind?

“One is when I was having Hudson, my first son. They actually used my birth as a commercial they did. There was a camera but everyone was very professional and it wasn’t, um, invasive or anything. That is the one Dr. Helliwell delivered. I just remember I was a little bit scared because the nurse told me I was probably too late for an epidural. Dr. Helliwell came in and took care of that, got me my epidural, and everything went smooth from there on.”

Would you recommend them to a friend?

“Yes. I have referred many friends to them?”

Did they end up going to Advanced Women’s Heath Center?

“Yes, they went to them and still go there. They have delivered lots of my friend’s babies and they love going there.”

Anything you want to add that you didn’t say?

“I’ve also had really good experiences with their office staff when I had to have some testing done where I was in weekly for blood tests. They were really quick to get me back and the gentleman drawing my blood did a really good job. He didn’t hurt me or bruise me, so, that was a good experience too.”


There you have it- short and sweet yet detailed and heartfelt. Straight from the patient’s mouth as to why Advanced Women’s Heath Center is perfect for Staci and not only hers but her friend’s needs. Hopefully, this interview can help you walk-in and decide if Advanced Women’s Heath Center is the perfect place for you as well.

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