4 Reproductive Health Areas and How They Impact Young Women

As OB-GYN’s, we understand that reproduction isn’t as major health focus in some women’s lives as it is for others. That being said, however, understanding the areas of reproductive health and how they impact the overall health of women, doesn’t hurt anybody. I’s important to care for your reproductive health, not only because it matters, but because there are issues that specifically impact young women in this area.

Here are 4 reproductive health issues women in their twenties ought to focus on:

Don’t Miss Your Gyno Appointments

Most women should start seeing a gynecologist when they get their first period. A gynecological visit can advance a woman’s preventative care measures as doctors can spot signs of issues early on before they worsen. Furthermore, gynecological visits provide a space for women to receive care and ask health-related questions about their menstruation, body, sexuality, family planning, and birth control options.

A Pap test is also recommended once a woman turns 21. This exam involves the gynecologist examining your genitals to ensure that everything is healthy. A gynecologist will also scrape some cervical cells to make sure that they do not show early signs of pre-cancerous growth.

Schedule Your Breast Exams

Breast exams, even when you are young, help you know what your breasts feel like so you can spot any changes in texture or lumps. Note that when you conduct a self-exam in the shower a few days after your period ends, that their are sometimes hormonal lumps for some women. If you are ever in any doubt, or you find a lump, contact your gynecologist as women of all ages can develop breast cancer.

Deciding to Give Birth or Not

Many millennial women are deciding not to have children. As with any family planning decisions, they are the woman’s to make, respectfully. OB-GYN’s, like Advanced Women’s Health Center, is always here for women should they decide to change their mind or have questions related to their reproductive health. For women who decide not to give birth, they still need to see their gynecologist and have breast exams taken.

Setting Healthy Lifestyle Habits

How you treat your body when you are young will not only matter now, but it will especially matter as you age. Your reproductive health suffers if your overall health suffers. Therefore, it is equally important to take care of yourself for yourself, and if you want to have children later on. Everything from the amount of sleep you get each night to the foods you eat can take a toll on your body. Stear clear of cigarettes, and drinking in excess as this can change your body permanently.

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