Should I Cancel by GYN appointment if my period starts?

How do you feel when you’re on your period? For some women, not much changes, other than having to put in tampons and the occasional bloating. Those are sometimes considered, “The Lucky Ones.”  For others, symptoms can be comparable to evolving into a raging green monster and simultaneously having the urge to eat all the chocolate in existence. The average female typically finds herself somewhere in between.

There is no one-size-fits-all description. By the same token, some women would feel comfortable going to their OB-GYN appointment while on their periods, while others would be horrified at the thought. Preferences aside, should you cancel an appointment if you’re on your period? Here are some questions to consider:

Will it taint pap results?

While it may be possible to have inconclusive pap results while you’re on your period, it’s also very likely that they would result without any issues.

Annual exams are typically scheduled weeks to months in advance, depending on your provider’s schedule. Unless your period arrives every month like clockwork, it’s hard to estimate whether you’re going to be on your period that far ahead.

Is my doctor grossed out by it?

Consider this. OB-GYNs work with vaginas all day, every day. They know that vaginas bleed on a monthly basis. They went to med school. They perform surgeries and deliver babies. A patient who’s on her period is not going to detour your doctor.

If it makes you feel uncomfortable, then rescheduling is understandable. But don’t do it out of fear of grossing out your doctor.

At Advanced Women’s  Health Center, our goal is to establish good relationships with all of our patients. For this to happen, we want to foster an environment of trust and understanding. This means that you should always feel comfortable asking us any questions about your reproductive health, regardless of how awkward you may feel. Get to know our providers before you schedule an appointment today.

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