Food and Drinks to Avoid During Thanksgiving When Pregnant

Food and Drinks to Avoid During Thanksgiving During Pregnancy

Thanksgiving, the season of gratitude and amazing food, lots and lots of food. The issue with that is that some traditional thanksgiving food is actually pretty unhealthy for a pregnant person. But don’t worry. You can still enjoy your favorite dishes during this holiday. There are just some foods you can avoid to help you prevent illness. If you’re pregnant during Thanksgiving, these are the following foods you should avoid.

Raw Batter 


One of the yummiest, most popular dishes you can have during Thanksgiving is the various desserts like pumpkin pies, apple pie, cookies, and cakes. However, pregnant women should watch out because raw batter or raw eggs can put you at risk for salmonella. If you have a sweet tooth, have some sliced fruit or nuts, if you aren’t allergic, while you wait for your baked good to cook thoroughly. If cookie dough is your favorite dish to have during the holidays and you feel like you cannot compromise, there are a number of products out there that taste like cookie dough but that isn’t as risky.

Turkey Undercooked

Oh no! How can I avoid the quintessential food item for Thanksgiving? Well, you don’t have to! Just make sure your turkey is not undercooked. There are so many videos online that supposedly tell you how to cook a turkey correctly in order to avoid foodborne illness. Your turkey needs to be cooked correctly and thoroughly to best avoid the negative risks of undercooked meats. Undercooked turkey and stuffing can leave you at risk for salmonella.


Sometimes, when your house is packed and people bring different dishes and drinks, it can be easy to drink something that you didn’t know has some alcohol in it. Maybe you think, “Just one celebratory drink,” is fine. If you want to have responsible fun during your pregnancy, try sparkling cider or a host of non-alcoholic, virgin drinks. Knowing how to prepare these drinks may take some research but it’s healthier and eliminates unwanted risk.

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